Tommy Cash has linked with Rick Owens for a new capsule of co-branded tees, hoodies, and a doormat.

The doormat arrives in standard size (approximately 18" x 25") with a traditional baroque pattern and cobranding from "Rick Owens" in the brand's cursive font logo, juxtaposed with a graffiti-like scrawl from Tommy Cash. Placed outside your home, the mat evokes a sentiment of "please wipe your feet," but also "P*ssy Money Weed."

Elsewhere the collaboration includes black and white hoodies and tees that depict a Rick Owens logo transitioning, Kafka-like, into the words "Tommy Cash" down the back.

Owens and Cash have a storied history of partnering up that has seen Cash modeling in Owens' SS19 show, Owens featuring on Cash's 2018 track "MONA LISA," and a joint exhibition that featured, among other things, a sample of Cash's sperm displayed in a bulletproof box.

The selection of apparel and outdoor home furnishings follows a recent "mock" collaboration (we're not what that means either) with Cash and Maison Margiela, which saw the high-end fashion label branding wearable loaves of bread and instant noodles for $12.

You can buy the doormat, retailing for $50, on Tommy Cash's e-store.

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