Musician and visual artist Tommy Cash has teamed up with Maison Margiela on a collection of ironic co-branded merch intended as a comment on consumption.

Here, that consuming critique is taken pretty literally; the capsule features a pair of €95 bread slippers aka "loafers." (Although arguably, a stronger critique wouldn't include dropping any new product, but alas.) There's also a €12 "luxury ramen" pack that, despite having cooking instructions on the reverse, features a note that essentially says only eat if you're willing to perish as a consequence.

While the bread slippers are the clear standout — even the insides are doughy! — there are more conventional items in the drop, like a co-branded black hoodie, a striped sweater, a T-shirt, and a cash-mat (gallery below).

A five-minute-long silent track also arrives as part of the collab. On that, Cash explained, “For most of us, being awake means being bombarded by sound, specifically organized for consumption. The everyday noises of streets, nature, and homes are constantly muted by whatever the algorithms bring."

"Instead of birds, we are listening to podcasts or anything recorded in the last 144 years. Instead of information about the actual surroundings, our ears are receiving an endless flood of escapist fare. Or 24/7 supply of news that keeps us attached to a steady source of anxiety. During the pandemic situation, it’s become even more so, as consumption of some content is replacing what is left of the “real life” more and more."

Cop the lot here.

(Psst, if you want your bread a little cheaper, may we recommend checking out the brands selling bread slippers on Amazon instead — but don't give Bezos your coins, go straight to the OG vendor, like these croissant-looking feet treats by Coddies, for example.)

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