From day one, Travis Scott's McDonald's collab was covered with hype (and questions). Though the hugely successful collaboration ran from September 8 to October 4, 2020, La Flame and McDonald's stans are only just getting their hands on one of the most sought after pieces in the collection — the Chicken McNugget cushion — and it's proving to be a memeable tale of "expectation vs reality."

“If you think I’m buying a $90 body pillow shaped like a McDonald’s chicken nugget ur absolutely right,” one Twitter user said at the time, while another wrote, “Never knew I needed a Cactus Jack chicken nugget body pillow until today.” That vibe was echoed by so many that, unsurprisingly, it quickly sold out, and soon after the resale prices went through the roof.

However, it would seem that everyone that bought a nug pillow is experiencing a little buyer's remorse now the thing has actually arrived. Based on images that have begun flooding social media, the merch looks less than appetizing and if we're honest... kind of moldy.

It would seem it looks a little better once you've taken it out of the packaging (take note if you're planning to sell yours resale) but even then it doesn't really match the product pic. Out of the vacuum seal it still looks a bit sad — but then again, arguably all of McD's deep-fried stuff would look a bit grim if you supersized it to body pillow size.

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