In the 10th season premiere of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David dons a “Make America Great Again” hat in order to diffuse a situation with an angry motorcyclist. Throughout the episode, David employs the hat as an all too effective device for keeping people at bay. The joke, however, was lost on President Donald Trump, who, in an exquisite turn of events, pinned a clip of the scene to the top of his Twitter page.

Yes, the commander in chief is sharing bootleg clips from the HBO show. And his “TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP!” caption indicates that the punchline went over his head. Take a look below.

If Trump had watched the full episode, he might have discovered that the MAGA had served as a deterrent because it's a “great people repellent,” rather than an indicator of toughness.

This is not David's first dig at the president either. He famously interrupted Trump's Saturday Night Live monologue back in 2015 to call him racist.

More recently, David specifically addressed the MAGA hat episode and his attitude towards the president. When asked about “alienating” Trump-supporting Curb fans with the recent episode, David responded, “Alienate yourselves! Go, alienate, you have my blessing!” He then reinforced, “No, I could give a fuck!”

David (who bears a striking resemblance to Democratic senator, Bernie Sanders) told Colbert, “If Bernie wins it will be great for the country, but terrible for me.” Find out who your favorite celebrities are endorsing for president, here. 

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