uber air

With a significant portion of its business revolving around airports, Uber plans to launch its own air taxi service, Uber Air, in 2023. Here, we get a brief look at Uber Elevate’s first air taxi cabin design users will ride in with Uber Air.

Uber is partnering with Signature Flight Support — who operates a number of private aviation terminals — for places to land the air taxi vehicles at airports. This will grant the company convenient access to high-traffic airports such as SFO, LAX, and DFW, as well as hundreds of other locations across the globe.

“The biggest value proposition of private aviation flying around in a jet, or anything else, is really the efficiency,” Signature Flight Support Chief Commercial Officer Shawn Hall told TechCrunch. “It’s not the high-end experience, it’s the efficiency. And just to give you a sense for that, our passengers will literally show up minutes before they take off.”

Uber Air is scheduled to take flight in 2023 in Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Melbourne. Each city will have five to seven skyports and an airport.

News of Uber Air comes as Uber recently announced it will begin offering helicopter rides around New York City this summer.

Not NYC, not LA.