There’s a lot of history packed into the 891.8 square kilometers that Berlin occupies. Everything from walls and wars to raging, days-long dance parties have become synonymous with Germany’s capital city. Stepping on to the stone streets, it’s easy to see the past etched into the cobblestones or in the facade of buildings but the city isn’t solely a testament to the past.

Tucked into a bend in one of the city’s canals sits the aptly-named Futurium and it’s here, in the lab-meets-museum, that the Italian fashion brand Uptobe launched the REBEL Capsule Collection. For the futuristic new garments, the designer went oversized with puffed-up parkas and anoraks that look warm enough for a deep space mission (or just another Berlin winter) and sleek enough for even the most selective street style aficionado thanks to a range of punchy hues. Alongside the standard black and white colorways, the puffed-up jackets drop in luminescent shades of orange, yellow, blue, and purple in either solid or camouflage patterns. Bringing it all together, the parkas and anoraks got stamped with a signature logo print on the upper zip.

With the future-focused lookbook, Atelier Uptobe flexed its street style cred and brought together an intergalactic team of models that included Jonathan Steinig, Josephine Kinsey, and rapper Vvarholla. On the street and in the hallowed halls of Futurium’s interiors, the latest wares from Atelier Uptobe got snapped by Adam Katz Sinding.

Peep all the photos from the new collection and then head to Atelier Uptobe's online store cop all the goods from the REBEL Capsule Collection.

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