Remember the Vetements Burger? Better question — who could forget it? The special sandwich only just stopped being served at Russia's KM20 boutique but if you couldn't make it, rest easy. Vetements has cooked up another crazy combo meal and this time, it's taking the branded burgers international.

Boasting that it sold over 2,000 original Vetements Burger meals in mere days — not quite McDonald's but nothing to sniff at — Guram Gvasalia's fashion brand is now touting a revamped iteration of its custom combo. Asserting that its new delicacy's tweaked recipe utilizes only the "freshest and finest ingredients," the "VETEMENTS BURGER" 2.0 NEXT LEVEL EDITION (all-caps, apparently) has arrived.

The original treat was vegetarian, but the new and improved Vetements Burger 2.0's plant-based patty and secret sauce make it a vegan affair, capped off with a Vetements-branded brioche bun. It's again joined by french fries and a drink, all wrapped in blinding neon packaging that's branded with the usual all-over Vetements logo in black.

Vetements claims that it received over 10,000 requests to export the combo meal across the globe, and it's listening. Though the Vetements Burger is already available at KM20 — founder Olga Karput stars in the announcement's campaign — it'll be offered in South Korea and other Vetements-friendly markets in the near future. Vetements is a known fan of McD's — could this be the start of CEO Guram Gvasalia's fashion-forward fast-food chains? Probably not, but given Vetements' propensity for out-of-the-box (out of the Happy Meal?) concepts, we wouldn't put it past them.

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