With the abundance of technological advances, you'd think that video game companies would have perfected their controller designs years ago. While there will always be room for improvement, some would argue that these manufacturers still have a long way to go in coming up with the most ergonomic design.

In this new video from Cheddar, they tell us why we'll never get that perfect controller. Despite millions of dollars and hundreds of prototypes — whether it's Microsoft, Sony, or anyone else in the gaming world — there are always some faults with a given design.

Let's face it, though, the controller is arguably the most important aspect of gaming, because without the controller there is no game. Here, Cheddar digs into the archives to present the history of controller design, dating back 30 years since the classic NES controller debuted.

Will someone end up perfecting the video game controller? Only time will tell, but regardless, hit the comments to let us know your favorite design to date.

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