Remember when Drake revealed his own private jet last year in what was widely acknowledged as the flex to end all flexes? Well, now he's gone a step further, having enlisted none other than Virgil Abloh to execute a seriously extra makeover of the aircraft.

"The tail number is a problem and the FBO is a whole other story," Abloh wrote in a caption alongside pictures of the plane. Taking cues from the rapper's Nothing Was The Same cover art (and reminiscent of the set from his Louis Vuitton men's headline show back in January), the new-look depicts blue skies and clouds on both the fuselage and wings. Its name — "Air Drake" — is visible on one of the engines, while "Abloh Engineering" and "Cargojet" can be seen at the rear.

"This is a different kind of flex!" "Levels!" "WTF!" read some of the reactions on Abloh's post. It's unclear when Drake will get to take his new-look ride out for a spin given the current restrictions on travel owed to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we're betting the tantalizing prospect of doing so is keeping him just about sane during self-isolation. That, and his one-of-its-kind Patek Philippe, also designed by Abloh.

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