Picking up his creative advisor role at Evian again following the duo's 2019 reusable water bottle release, Virgil Abloh is this time turning his attention to reinventing the water dispenser.  The design was first revealed a couple of years back.

The Evian (re)new holds and dispenses a five-liter "bubble" of water that collapses once it's empty. Evian's marketing team somehow makes this pretty unsustainable, throw-away piece of plastic the "sustainable" (re)new's key selling point, telling potential customers that it takes a "new shape after each use, revealing an ever-evolving sculpture."

Though the base itself is made from 100 percent recycled plastic, the bubble on top is created with what the water supplier claims is 60 percent less plastic than the equivalent Evian plastic bottle. Virgil's creative advisor role at Evian sits within the Sustainable Innovation Design faculty, with the (re)new part of the brand's aims to make all of its bottles, except the label and cap, recyclable by 2025.

There's more info on Evian (re)new and how to get one here.

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