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A new collection from eyeframe stars Warby Parker always tops every wish list. Luckily, the “Windsor” collection arrives just in time for the gift-giving season. Featuring three different styles inspired by the fabled Windsor frame’s circular shape, committing to only one might pose a dilemma.

First, there’s the oversized and perfectly round “Phipps” sunglasses. Or perhaps, the slightly undersized and more traditional “Gellhorn” and “Henry” models, both available in sun and optical editions. Each pair is designed with lightweight Japanese titanium. The premium cellulose coils that line the frames are hand-cut from a single acetate sheet at a small Italian factory who are masters at this 100-year old technique.

Alongside the Windsor frames, Warby Parker are premiering their first-ever sunwear clip-ons with the “Durand” and “Chamberlain” frames. Both styles feature polarized lenses that are lined in stainless steel and wrapped in a premium leather.

Who says it’s better to give than receive?

The Windsor Collection and compatible clip-ons are available through Warby Parker.

Words by boice-Terrel Allen for Selectism 



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