Westworld has finally returned for a third installment, and while a lot has changed this season, one thing remains true: It's still one of the most conceptually challenging shows streaming on HBO, and Twitter's collective brain is already melting.

Dolores has ditched her prairie gear and taken the fight into a brave new, human world. As fans have already noted, the sleek, dystopian society is a big 2020 mood. Here, the rich are just as terrible as they were back in the Westworld theme park. But in episode one, titled “Parce Domine,” we're introduced to poor characters, who live precarious existences, unable to make ends meet.

Dolores and Bernard have insinuated themselves into the "real world."  And while their attire is convincing, the nature of reality is less so. At one point a drunken party guest suggests to Liam (Dolores' boyfriend) that they’re all in a simulation.

Our faith in this "real world" is destabilized when Francis, played by none other than Kid Cudi turns out to have been dead the whole time. And as if that wasn't an unexpected cameo, Former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch also made an appearance in last night's season premiere, as G.

Scroll down to see how Twitter is processing the first episode.

The internet is here for Kid Cudi

And Marshawn Lynch

And his mood T-Shirt

And THIS outfit change

The dystopian vibes feel very now

When they bring up simulation theory

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