Willow Smith, fresh off of dropping her self-titled album, sat down with Ebro Darden for an interview on Beats1. Last year, she admitted to cutting herself on Jada Pinkett Smith's show, a revelation even her mom didn't know, due to the pressures of fame. Willow told Ebro about getting out of that dark period of her life.

"The biggest change was me realizing you couldn't pretend like you could not be this person, but the reality is you are this person," she said. "Everyone is looking at you to be a role model and to use your platform to do something to positive. That's too important to be like eh, I'm going to be sad and depressed. If you have this platform and people listen to you, be vulnerable. People are feeling the way that you're feeling. Don't sit in the shadows and be alone. Let people know that they're not alone.

She also spoke about her new album and the decision to drop it on the same day as her brother Jaden, as well as her thoughts on Area 51.

Watch the full interview above.

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