'90s inspiration is everywhere. From throwback collections by Gap, ASICS and Tommy Hilfiger (to name just a few) to the revival of ‘90s trends like slip dresses, loose denim and retro sportswear, it’s hard to escape the decade — a quick look at any current “it” model and they’ll probably be wearing at least one ‘90s trend, if not all of them at the same time.

And while some are saying we’ve reached peak ‘90s, the decade has more to offer than chokers and spaghetti straps. Thankfully, the '90s was also home to countless inspirational style stars and, before she was a stressed-out mom in Stranger Things, Winona Ryder was their undisputed queen.

While her roles in Heathers, Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice have inspired countless Halloween costumes, Winona's off-duty wardrobe was fire — and it still is. Throughout the decades, the actor has been absolutely killing it in the style stakes, proving that she's not only the ultimate ’90s style icon, but that '90s classics are more than just nostalgia — they're outfit staples.

Whether she’s sporting office looks, wearing the latest retro fabric, or just decked out in all-black, Winona Ryder proves that the ’90s are forever and that real style is timeless.

Browse our favorite looks from the actor below, and read on for five style tips we’ve gleaned from her outfits through the years.

Power suiting

While Balenciaga may be credited with the return of the boxy suit with the brand’s FW17 collection, Winona Ryder was on it first. Her above looks channel the current #officecore micro trend but take the conservative style to the extreme, subverting the traditional masculine look with an exaggerated voluminous silhouette. The cheesy ‘80s waistcoat could be taken as a nod to the Hawaiian-inspired florals that were everywhere last summer, while the all-black and brown looks channel a more ‘90s minimalism.

All-cord everything

We've been extolling the virtues of all-cord everything for a while, but if we can't convince you, maybe Winona's Stranger Things outfit will prove that the fabric is well and truly back. Now that you’re done binging Season 2, get yourself to a thrift store to find the most lived-in cozy cord jacket, then pair with your favorite pair of mom jeans or cargo pants to complete the look. Christmas lights and Demodogs optional.

Don't underestimate the universal appeal of a band T-shirt and jeans

Who needs a Jerry Lorenzo vintage creation when you can just raid your own wardrobe? The above images are taken 30 years apart, but both outfits prove how timeless a simple tee and leather jacket combo can be. (Bonus points for the Tom Waits co-sign.)

Rumors that Winona dressed as herself for Halloween sadly weren't true, but it speaks to her icon status that she could feasibly get away with dressing up as herself.

Contrast collars

You don’t have to wear a full suit to inject a bit of preppiness into your look. Winona’s collars add contrast to her all-black outfits, but also elevate her look to that sweet spot between casual and formal wear. Again, she’s been wearing the style for decades, proving that simple styling tricks are always relevant.

Black is not one-dimensional

Winona's outfits demonstrate the versatility of an all-black 'fit. Whether you want to channel early Rick Owens, look like an extra from The Matrix, or just embrace your inner goth, Winona has an outfit for the occasion.

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