A new video from the set of Venom 2 has surfaced online and it gives us the closest look we've had yet at Woody Harrelson's introduction to the franchise. The clip also makes up for the fact that the first-look image Tom Hardy posted to Instagram yesterday has been taken down.

Harrelson is set to play the fictional supervillain Cletus Kasady — an enemy of Spider-Man and Hardy's titular Venom aka Eddie Brock. Cletus Kasady was first introduced in the Spider-Man comics. He is the first and most well-known host of the evil symbiote, Carnage, and his movie franchise arrival was teased during a post-credits scene in the first Venom film.

If the new teaser is anything to go by, not only is his character bulletproof with big "don't give a shit" energy, but he also has a taste for tropical shirts.

Venom 2 is apparently eight weeks into shooting at present as is slated to hit theaters this October. Watch the teaser below.

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