It's been a chaotic and disappointing preorder season, and the eagerly-awaited launch of the X Box Series X today is no exception. Needless to say, Twitter is not exactly taking the news in its stride.

Amazon had already warned customers that Xbox Series X preorders might not arrive today. Target and Walmart had also advised that customers would only be able to secure the coveted console on release day if they preordered them first.

For some, no amount of refreshing Gamestop, Best Buy, or Microsoft could help them avoid the L, and today the internet is awash with frustrated, X Box-less gamers.

Customers who pre-orders an Xbox Series X from Amazon are being informed that they may not receive their new consoles until December 31 or possibly earlier. And that disappointment is likely to remain well past November and into December, as the pandemic continues to disrupt global production networks and retailers sequester new Xboxes to a Black Friday deal.

As the old adage goes, with great disappointment comes quality memes. Below, we've skimmed the cream of the crop from yet another frustrating 2020 release day.

We should know better by now 😒

Send in the clowns


I didn't choose this life

Wake me up in 2021 fr

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