Fresh leaks regarding YEEZY season 9 suggest that Kanye West's label is developing a new range of accessories that may or may not include a pivot into the world of tech.

Pictures posted from @Lot2046 depict clay prototypes arranged in typical semi-concentric YEEZY fashion – and while they may look like remnants from an archaeological excavation, it's possible that these are prototypes for wearable tech.

LOT2046 is a subscription-based service for fashion and grooming products, but it's essentially a lifestyle brand that offers a totally different way to consume products, wrapped up in an all-black aesthetic. However, some digging reveals that founder Vadik Marmeladov's previous project, LAPKA, was also developing wearable technology, such as Personal Environment Monitors (PEMs) and cute non-tech looking devices to measure data like your blood alcohol content.

No official details have been confirmed, but when we look back to Kanye's penchant for vintage sci-fi and his friendship with Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk, it will come as a surprise to no-one if YEEZY is going the tech route.

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