Supreme does not stop to surprise us and has another nice collaboration aligned for this year. At first I expected some strange futuristic model by Oakley and was not too excited, but then again with Supreme you can be pretty sure that they do everything well that they touch and so it is with this project as well.
“The Oakley Frogskins were first released in 1986 and quickly became a symbol of that decade’s surf and skate culture. Worn by legend Tom Carrol, Frogskins epitomized the surf lifestyle.
In 1975, Jim Jannard started Oakley in his garage lab with $300 and the idea of making products that work better and look better than anything else out there. His first success came in the form of a new motorcycle hand grip with a unique tread and rider-friendly shape. Top pros took notice of the product’s “Unobtainium” material that actually increased grip as the rider sweats. Next up for the motocross market was Jannard’s wildly successful O Frame goggle, with its lens curved into a perfect arched cylinder to give riders a clear and wide peripheral view. Many versions of eyewear followed and today, world-class cyclists such as Greg LeMond, Lance Armstrong, and Scott Tinley demand the performance and protection offered by Oakley products.

This spring, Supreme will introduce four new colorways and one custom Supreme pattern of the classic Frogskins sunglasses. For the first time in Oakley’s history, the brand revitalized and put to use the original Frogskins mold for this very special project.”
You can be sire to find a colorway in the range that you want to have. A really nice package, coming with a custom Supreme pouch and strap. The sunglasses will be released worldwide this April.
Check after the jump to see all colorways and the complete package.

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