Where the runway meets the street

Using family as a main theme, Stussy Deluxe has partnered with the London-based father and son duo Mark and Tyrone Lebon to create a series of images highlighting their Fall 2011 collection. Mark’s brother, the late James Lebon, was the UK’s most influential Stussy tribe member and brand ambassador, so for Stussy, the Lebons epitomize family.

“Between the ages of 11 and 14, I don’t think I spent many days without at least one or two bits of Stussy on my body at all times,” says Tyrone Lebon. “I remember going to Gimme5 where I was given free reign of the shelves. I used to get so excited about going and still remember the feeling, even the smell of the place. I’ve never been someone that gets fanatical about clothing, but those trips felt like heaven.”

The process for the two photographers was all about collaboration. Each artist shot images separately with Mark handling the fashion shots from his studio (which he describes as “the good temple of truth, love, lust, life and lies”) and Tyrone shooting more abstract images at his, then coming together to layout the final pieces. Layered in the work are archival shots from around the world, still-life and images of Tyrone’s girlfriend Adwoa and brother, Frank.

The Stussy Deluxe Fall 2011 collection will be available Friday, September 16th at and Stussy Chapter Stores.

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