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The rolling seasons seem to have almost no affect on the deluge of caps that brands produce and the speed at which consumers snap them up. Still, it seems most cap styles begin to blur into one and are easier to get hold of than a pint of milk in Berlin on a Sunday. Which is why we’ve curated a selection of what we believe to be the finest available at the moment, for your purchasing pleasure. Sticking to a colour palette of muted tonal greys and blues, you won’t stick out like a sore-floral-thumb too early in the year, and they’ll compliment you’re wardrobe in any season. Perfect for when the weather still can’t make up it’s mind.


Enswear Sauvage 5-Panel Python Leather Cap

This luxurious take on the 5-panel has to be the headwear equivalent of the Rolls Royce Phantom, hardly anything on the market more decadent or more conspicuous. But there’s a time and a place for everything, and when the time is right for this piece of headwear the time will be right. Featuring real python leather and an adjustable backstrap, get your hands on it over at Soto.


Maiden Noir Nordic Wool Ball Cap

Maiden Noir started out as a company producing products based on a mythical story before they expanded into a menswear line. The strength of their design is obvious in this  6 panel ball cap that features a nordic pattern on jacquard wool and a leather adjustable backstrap. Buy it online now from Goodhood.


Mark McNairy Baseball Cap

The tumblarity of this cap is peaking so hard it’s almost impossible to look at it without seeing it through a #filter. If you’re familiar with Mark McNairy’s designs, AK47s on a hat might seem a particularly off-piste choice, and maybe even a tacky one at that, but there’s something going on here that makes the whole thing just, sort of, really work. If you agree, get it now over at Heather Grey Wall.


Norse Projects Embroidered Cap

The more discreet a logo, the harder it is to recognise, which means ULTIMATE respect when you do. Get a heads start and familiarise yourself with Norse Projects’ inconspicuous black on black logo-ing on this embroidered 5-panel. Pick one up over on their website.


Rockwell by Parra Bird Print 5-panel

Dutch artist Parra’s unmistakeable style of post-pop art near-surrealism is carried successfully through his Rockwell designs. This 5-panel cap is paired with his cartoon-like graphics and features one of his distinct Dali-like bird designs.
Buy it now from Wellgosh.


Apolis Wool Camp Hat in Heather

Curved peaks haven’t been getting much airplay as of late, flat peaks have been getting all the attention. Admittedly, the former are relatively reminiscent of Eminem in his heyday, but they’re really turning a corner in their strength of design, further away from the playing field and closer to plusher fabrics such as wool and leather. And anyway, Eminem’s making a comeback this year.
Buy it from Need Supply Co.



Continuing on an understated tip, the A-3 cap by WTAPS is a reworking of a military classic, constructed in 100% enzyme washed cotton twill. Made in Japan, it’s quality will speak for itself as it stands the test of time and trends in your wardrobe.
Grab one now from End Clothing.


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