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Following the release of Nudie Jeans’s Grim Tim Stonemason Replica, we pay a visit to the Swedish brand at their Gothenburg headquarters to learn more about the Fall 2014 collection. Talking to designers Rikard Lindqvist, Daniel Larsson and Johan Lindstedt, we discover the ideas behind the individual pieces that comprise the seasonal offerings. Right away we learn that the fabric used for the outerwear and tops goes through the same expertise process of choosing and testing as the denim does for the jeans. By way of example, Rikard let’s on, “If you buy a jacket from Nudie, that jacket should look even greater in five years time.”

Moving on, Daniel gives us a peek at Nudie’s archives which includes everything from prototypes to archetypes, remnants of which have ended up in the aptly titled “Dirty Realism” collection. Working specifically with denim, Johan outlines Nudie’s overall mission – to do something that nobody else is doing. Later on, he let’s out an oft-kept secret: “If you want to achieve good looking jeans, you need to work on it, you can’t just sit on your ass all day. Crawl on the floor, go out to pubs; you really need to let them into your personal life.”

Perhaps the most interesting insight given in the course of the video, however, is Rikard thinking that a piece of clothing “is not really true until you’ve worn it for a while…when you see it in the shop, it’s not really there yet.” As we discover, this way of thinking underlines Nudie’s entire philosophy – crafting long-lasting goods that only become more beautiful with time.

Learn about the collection above and shop the current offerings straight from the brand’s online shop.

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