This week in Friday Feuds a label CEO lets his Twitter fingers run amuck, a Brooklyn emcee puts the paws on an overzealous fan after taking inspiration from Hands of Stone, plus Philly rallies behind its fallen son, and much more…

Jay Z vs. Beyonce Fan

Usually when someone brings up Jay Z and throwing hands in the same sentence, Solange and the word elevator aren’t far behind. This week, though, the game changed right along with the Hova + hands narrative. Jay and his wife, who doesn’t need an introduction (because Beyonce), indulged in a little date night. The pair were spotted attending the premiere of the upcoming film Hands of Stone, which features mutual friend Usher Raymond in the role of Sugar Ray Leonard.

As the couple left the venue one particularly dogged Beyonce fan was determined to elevate his selfie game by taking a snap with the Queen…

Not today you won't.. ????#SomePplCrossTheLine #WhereIsJulius

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Instead of Yonce’s brolic ass bodyguard, Julius, coming through to lay the hands of vengeance upon him, it was Jay Z’s turn to pull a literal Solange. Hova issued a firm elbow to the torso of the offender before escorting his wife home, presumably to engage in some drunk in love activities…

Beyoncé & Jay Z at the #HandsOfStone premiere in NYC – Aug. 22

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Drake vs. Philly Goons

Sunday, August 21, Drake’s Summer Sixteen tour finally made a stop in Philly, aka Meek Mill’s home town. Ever since last year’s bout of diss track shenanigans both Meek and Drake haven’t held back from expressing the depths of their mutual disgust of each other. Slings and arrows have flown, the term “pussy nigga” has been bandied about rather more than strictly necessary, and it’s all played out across social media.

So it was little surprise that when Drake arrived in Philly he found Meek wasn’t alone in his anti-Drizzy sentiments. A number of the city’s most loyal Meek fans and affiliates joined forces to presumably hunt down the Canadian rapper and prove that he was both disrespectful and softer than a pack of freshly opened baby wipes…

? homie tired of #drake DISRESPECK

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Man who was gonna press #drake in philly speaks

A video posted by DJ Akademiks (@akademikstv) on

Dudes in Philly tried to press #drake ? ??

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Due to police presence and the alleged appearance of the Philadelphia SWAT team Drake remained untouched…

From the desk of one of the #dreamchasers…. #meekmill #drake

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Meek being Meek, couldn’t resist inserting a little commentary on the situation…

When it was all said and done, Drake still managed to talk his shit on stage. I guess that means there will be more rounds in this fight…

#drake gets at #torylanez for him saying drake isn't gonna be safe when he comes to Philly

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#drake says despite dissing Philly artist #meekmill all night while performing in philly.. He still loves philly

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Peter Rosenberg vs. Drake

As Drake continues his Summer Sixteen a certain looking-for-revenge-slanted trend has emerged. First he took to stage at NYC’s Madison Square Garden and proceeded to shade New York’s Hot 97 radio station along with its OG radio personality, Funkmaster Flex.

Drizzy’s next revenge stop occurred in Philly where he once again lambasted Meek Mill, a native of the city. And while some found the one-time Degrassi actor’s rebellious streak titilatting, others, like Hot 97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg, thought it was just an extension of Drake’s acting past…

The People vs. Kanye West

Last week Kanye West launched a series of “The Life of Pablo” tour merchandise pop-ups. Expectedly, hundreds of devoted Yeezy fans stood in lines across the globe for a chance to scoop up some Gothic font printed merch.

The gag just happened to be that the ever enterprising Mr. West sourced his t-shirts, pullovers, and various jackets, from Canadian wholesaler Gildan — the place that probably made your Little League jersey when you were a kid.

According to reports, Gildan shirts go for as little as $2 to $3, however West was charging $65 and above for all of his exclusive merchandise. In the age of insurmountable debt, student loans and other fuckery associated with adulting, fans weren’t having it…

LA Reid vs. Unsigned Artist

This week label head LA Reid took to Twitter to throw some unprecedented shade at an artist who was probably hoping/thinking they would be signed to Epic. Reid appropriated some of Meghan Trainor’s song lyrics to let the world know that someone, somewhere was taking a big ol’ L…

Reid was also quick to clarify he wasn’t talking about Trainor, who actually is signed to Epic. Social media sleuths quickly narrowed down a list of potential shadees.

First up was Ciara, who left Epic in June after two middlingly successful albums. The newly-wed subsequently shifted over to Interscope. The second suspect was child rapper Lil Poopy, who recently hinted he may be signing to Epic. Poopy previously appeared on a Lifetime show profiling up-and-coming rappers.

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Words by Stephanie Smith-Strickland
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