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They say patience is a virtue, and while most of us can take that mentality to heart, only a brand like LOUIS XIII Cognac has the commitment to wait 100 years to make sure things are done right. As one of the most high-quality cognacs in the world, LOUIS XIII is paying tribute to its own time-honored sensibilities with a new film starring John Malkovich—set to premiere in literally a century from now, in the year 2115.

The film, written by Malkovich and directed by Robert Rodriguez, imagines what life will be like 100 years from now. While the complete film will not see the light of day for a century, three trailers give a brief look at three possible future realities that we as humans may be living in in the year 2115. Using the same dialogue and blocking across all three settings, the film will depict three scenarios: a world in which nature has taken over Earth, a world in which society has become ultra-urbanized and dominated by technology, and a world in which humanity has fallen under the rule of an oppressive robot regime.

But how will LOUIS XIII guarantee that this time-testing art project will make it to 2115? By teaming up with prestigious French safe-builders Fichet-Bauche, LOUIS XIII has a completely custom safe that opens—not with a key—but through the passing of time. On November 18, 2115, the safe is set to open automatically, just in time for the film’s official premiere at the Domaine du Grollet in Cognac, France.

While the film itself has not been screened in its entirety, the film (and it’s high-tech safe) have been traveling the world. After Malkovich himself placed the film within the safe at the Los Angeles trailer premiere back in November, the safe has made stops in New York City, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Johannesburg, London, and the LOUIS XIII Suite at the Cannes Film Festival. The safe made its final two stops in the U.S. this October. The Chicago VIP preview began with cocktails overlooking the skyline on the rooftop garden of the art deco supper club Celeste, while in Dallas, guests were invited to the penthouse suite at The Joule Hotel.

In Dallas, the safe containing the 100 Years film was the guest of honor at a party hosted by art aficionados Derek and Christen Wilson. The host couple was gifted two engraved tickets to pass on to their descendants for the official premiere 100 years from now in 2115.

While the film may not be seen in full in our lifetime, it’s a truly innovative way to convey LOUIS XIII’s own mastery of time; as each decanter of its storied cognac takes over four generations to reach its uncompromising quality. If you’re curious about this unique art film, visit LOUIS XIII’s website, and peep the teaser trailer below. Like LOUIS XIII’s timeless cognac, this film is not coming soon—and that’s a good thing.

  • Source: LOUIS XIII
  • Photography: Bruno and Eric Decker Photography
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