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For the latest edition of Highsnobiety Shoots, we explored a range of handmade wooden goods created by street artists Start From Zero (SFZ) under Kevin Poon’s (of CLOT) creative direction for lifestyle concept store WOAW.

Historically, at the end of a workday, the workwear of woodworkers are typically stained with wood chips, making them look like muddy ducks, which is where the collection’s “DUCK DEFECT” moniker was derived—with DUCK referring to duck canvas, a material that is traditionally used to make workwear, such as aprons, and DEFECT referring to the imperfections found on a piece of wood.

Having identified that refined and stylish works can still be made from these imperfect pieces of wood, SFZ has taken the time to handcraft this imperfect wood into beautiful works of art. Furthermore, by using different types of wood, each piece in the collection has its own distinct appearance.

Divided into five categories of lamps, stools, tables, small home goods and accessories, the collection embraces the creative spirit of SFZ’s street art style with Hong Kong’s excellent craftsmanship.

Check out the gallery above for shots of the collection from WOAW’s lifestyle concept store in Sheung Wan.

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Words by Marcus Cho
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