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This past weekend, Rick Owens and Michele Lamy feted the release of their latest Rizzoli book, Rick Owens Furniture, with a signing at their flagship store in New York City’s bustling SoHo neighborhood. As can be expected from the cult designer, known for his dark, drapey layers, exaggerated silhouettes, and aggressive-looking footwear he once described as “monster trucks for your feet,” devoted acolytes and industry friends came out in full force.

The line snaked around the block of the two-story flagship store, and continued up the staircase where the books were being signed. Rick Owens’s furniture line further fleshes out Owens’s brutalist aesthetic. Lamy, Owens’s wife and longtime creative partner whom he lovingly refers to as “Hun,” does a lot of the work on the furniture line, liaising with the numerous artisans responsible for bringing the stark silhouettes into fruition.

The furniture consists of marble chairs, stools with antlers, and steel frames balanced with materials like the upscale suedes and leathers that are a staple in Owens’s clothing line, but also even more exotic fabrications like camel. First debuted in 2007, the tome takes a look back at the collection’s first decade, providing a certain context for it in the designer’s own lifestyle.

As more and more high-end consumers shift their spending power from their closets to the rest of their abodes, the book’s timing seems especially apropos.

For a closer look inside the book, see the gallery below.

For more gothed-out Rick Owens goodness, check out what people wore to the designer’s Fall/Winter 2017 fashion show.

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