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Instead of putting a down payment on a house or buying a new car, an anonymous buyer decided to drop $15,000 on this one of a kind Supreme T-shirt, created in collaboration with Russian conceptual artist Andrei Molodkin back in 2003.

The shirt, which is red and features a single-tone Meg Ryan print on the front under a blue box logo, was created as a sample but never saw a general release, making it one of the rarest Supreme items in existence.

One of only two red Molodkin samples are known to exist, the other being a T-Shirt with Donald Trump emblazoned on the back that sold for $8,600 some time ago.

If that price tag hasn’t turned you off Supreme, check out the Cindy Sherman skate decks that are dropping this Thursday.

Footwear Staff Writer

My mum says I won’t win a Pulitzer writing about Supreme. She’s wrong.

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