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adidas’s iconic Superstar silhouette has been around for 45 years and has since been retooled for various sporting activities. Now, the famed sneaker model can be donned on the slopes, thanks to the Superstar Boot that has released as a part of adidas Snowboarding’s new fall/winter collection.

While boasting clear aesthetic similarities to that of the original model, the Superstar Boot features separate upper and lower zones that are designed to flex together instead of bowing out while boarding. The overall build of the boot provides for a softer and more supportive wear as well as a consistent fit. The signature shell toecap is recognizably present on the footwear, in addition to a removable power strap, previously seen on the vintage court shoe.

Alongside the new Superstar Boot, adidas has also delivered a new array of mountain-ready boot styles, performance-enhanced snow jackets and pants, and various sport-influenced casual apparel.

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