This May marked the sixth edition of the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, with 115 local and international galleries showcased. Artists from all over were exhibited, with a large number showcasing some incredible pop art pieces.

The fair took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and presented a mix of established and emerging artists. This year’s fair also featured the Young Talent Hong Kong exhibition and live performances. Bold and bright was the theme of choice, with a number of famed brand logos and cartoon characters making an appearance.

A key piece for all Supreme- and Simpsons-heads was a painting featuring Homer Simpson and Sideshow Bob wearing box logo tees. Also among the works were references to Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans and Roy Lichtenstein’s comic-book stylings, as well as Mickey Mouse, Pikachu, and Astro Boy.

With prices starting at approximately $127, attendees had a great opportunity to take home a one-of-a-kind piece. Check out a selection of the artworks exhibited in the gallery above and be sure to let us know which one you’d have copped in the comments below.

In other art news, Prodip Leung takes us to outer space in a recent exhibition. Check it out here.

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