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Tate Exchange announced a series of free workshops, performances, and activities that will be led through collaboration between British artist Sadie Clayton and the AI robot artist Ai-Da, kicking off today, October 24, and running through the weekend until October 27.

Tate Exchange's newest series explores the intersections of power, art, and identity through drawing and performance art. Today, visitors can witness a reversal of roles as Ai-Da draws Clayton's portrait.

On Friday, watch Ai-Da's interpretation of Yoko Ono's seminal piece of performance art, Cut Piece, which aims to question issues of race and technology. The performance will be followed by a panel discussion on education, access, and inclusion in relation to the impact of abuses of power.

Clayton and Ai-Da will reflect on their multi-faceted identities as mixed-race entities on Saturday. The workshop will see Ai-Da sketching images of artwork by Clayton, who will follow up by combining the sketches into a final product.

The week ends with Ai-Da sketching eight individuals who have inspired Clayton as role models in diversity, empowerment, and technology. The medium of portraiture aims to bring people's lives, values, and beliefs into other people's awareness.

Sadie Clayton's background in fashion design informs her exploration of the creative boundaries between art, technology, and fashion. She has showcased her mastery of working with copper metals at the Nick Waplington / Alexander McQueen: Working Process exhibition at Tate Britain, and has also presented her work at Art Basel Miami.

Meanwhile, Ai-Da, who is the world's first ultra-realistic AI robot artist, has created drawings, performance art pieces, and collaborative paintings and sculptures. She held a solo exhibition earlier this year at Oxford University, home to the scientists who developed her algorithms.

Tate Exchange produced this series in partnership with A Vibe Called Tech, a platform that aims to encourage academic, cultural, and technological discourse with black communities. Accordingly, Clayton and Ai-Da's collaboration will produce works that address the themes of the event Black Creativity & Technology.

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