Allbirds, the sneaker startup revered by Silicon Valley and hailed by Time magazine as the most comfortable shoes in the world, just upped the ante by introducing sneakers made from actual trees.

First launched in early 2016, Allbirds entered the footwear fray with a radical new approach: environmentally friendly sneakers that were both comfortable in wear and minimal in style that didn’t break the bank. Barely two years later, the San Francisco-based company is launching their latest innovation to date on the textile front, which also happens to be its most sustainable yet: the Tree collection.

As its name implies, the Tree line utilizes a proprietary fabric engineered from Eucalyptus tree pulp and is lighter and more breathable than its cozy merino-wool counterparts. It’s ethically sourced and quickly absorbs moisture while delivering on the same comfort factor the brand has become known for.

On this edition of Highsnobiety Conversations, Allbirds co-founder Tim Brown sits down with Highsnobiety's Jeff Carvalho to talk disrupting the sneaker industry, the ever-changing workplace wardrobe, and why Allbirds has reigned supreme amidst it all.

Check out the full episode above and shop the all-new Tree collection now at

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