My feelings on style, and life, can be boiled down to one video: Juice vs. the Sauce. The sauce is innate. The sauce is everlasting. And if you've got the sauce in your style, you can find a dope fit anywhere. An expensive and or highly coveted piece may give you the juice, but the sauce it does not guarantee.

In an effort to prove this, we turned to Amazon to cull five affordable looks that are bona fide heat. Each of the looks styled here feature pieces that never go north of $180 and most of which fall in the $50 to $80 range. And with a focus on the utilitarian, they're also incredibly easy to put together and pull off. Scroll through the looks to find some standout steals that'll boost your wardrobe.

Sweat Track Suit



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The Sleeper Tracksuit

This RDX track suit is designed for weight loss, but it'll also trim the fat from your dependence on more obvious, prominent brands. The blocked striping is lowkey killer, especially on the top as it crosses over across the body and down the arm.

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The Militant

Here we have a look that's as aggressive as military brand's pencheant for all-caps names. Together, the black tactical cargo pants and boots are downright menacing. There are plenty of takes on the combat boot in fashion, but you can never go wrong with the OG. While Oakleys are popping off right now, you can achieve the same effect for less with Torege sports shades. The simple but trusty Gildan T-shirt lets the rest of the fit do the talking while reinforcing the remarkable power of a plane white tee.

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The Sashay

Carhartt WIP deservedly gets heaps of praise, but don't forget about the main line. The matching work pants and field jacket feature striking brown color blocking with just the perfect amount of safety orange. Blundstone's tried-and-true boot magnifies the effect, and one last dash of peacocking comes from the super affordable bucket hat from a brand that's, frankly, random as hell.

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The City-Bound Skiier

Arc'teryx, The North Face, and Solomon form a holy trinity of dependable outdoor gear here. The balaclava is not for the feint of heart, but it rounds out a look that dares the winter to bring its worst.

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The Wu

The workwear and Wallabee combo may not earn you automatic induction into the Wu-Tang Clan, but it will be one of the most assured looks in your repertoire. Every man should have a pair of Clarks' classic moccasin, and the decision to either wear the jumper full stop or tie it off at the waist is a blessing, and why we condone the rise of coveralls.

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