Apple's new credit card was the highlight at the company's Show Time event yesterday, and as soon as it was announced, Twitter couldn’t wait to declare it the new must-flex accessory.

Created in collaboration with Goldman Sachs, the Apple Card is said to boast no fees, lower interest rates, better rewards, and higher security and privacy levels. And judging by a lot of the online reaction, these are features that most of you are here for.

However, while many are on the hype train, throwing their Visa in the trash and hailing the Apple Card as their new must-have, others expressed worry about the tech giant's domination and the possibilities the new card could present to would-be scammers.

Browse some of the best Apple Card reactions below and let us know what you think in the comment section.

That new flex

In reality, though

Here for air

Billy McFarland, is that you?

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