Apple's modified Lexus RX450h with autonomous sensors was rear-ended by a human driver in a Nissan Leaf, marking a collision that is being called Apple's first under the brand's autonomous driving program, Project Titan.

According to DMV documents that do not attribute specific blame to any parties involved, the Lexus was driving in Sunnyvale, a Silicon Valley city close to Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino.

“An Apple test vehicle in autonomous mode was rear-ended while preparing to merge onto Lawrence Expressway South from Kifer Road,” the DMV document reads.

“The Apple test vehicle was travelling less than 1mph waiting for a safe gap to complete the merge when a 2016 Nissan Leaf contacted the Apple test vehicle at approximately 15mph. Both vehicles sustained damage and no injuries were reported by either party.”

According to BBC, Apple now has 66 such autonomous cars on the roads, with 111 drivers registered to operate them.

Stay posted for more information on Apple's Project Titan.

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