Apple has updated Siri with information about the coronavirus, allowing iPhone, iPad, and MacBook users in the United States to ask the virtual assistant symptom-related questions.

When asking Siri if you have coronavirus, she will rifle through a series of questions to find out if you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms. Using information provided by the Center for Disease Control and the United States Public Health Service, Siri will then advise anyone with non-life threatening symptoms to stay home and avoid contact with people, while those with more severe symptoms will be told to consider calling 911.

Apple's coronavirus questionnaire is currently only available in the US, as the company has yet to reveal if it will be offering it in other regions. The Siri update arrives as Apple is now also promoting telehealth applications in the App Store, with information taken from reputable sources. Furthermore, the company has pledged to donate millions of industrial masks to healthcare professionals in the United States and Europe in response to the overwhelming demand brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

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