We dropped by AMBUSH's Tokyo office to take a look inside one of the world's boldest jewelry and accessories design teams in existence.

Japan has a well-deserved reputation for being that little bit more adventurous when it comes to fashion. Maybe it's something in the water but on this side of the world they like things to really stand out. What would happen, then, if we visited the studio of one of Japan's boldest jewelry and accessories design teams and challenged them with some sleek, minimalist home audio equipment from Europe? That's what happened when AMBUSH took on the iconic BeoPlay A9, a design beauty from Danish brand B&O PLAY.

Take one look at the accessories designed by Verbal and Yoon - the alarmingly stylish husband-and-wife duo behind AMBUSH - and it should come as little surprise to find that their studio is full to bursting point with avant-garde furniture, intriguing literature, obscure pop culture and, of course, lots and lots of bling. The pair's larger-than-life jewelry designs, which have found favor with A-list celebrities from Kanye West to Rihanna, Kid Cudi and Lady Gaga, take inspiration from all manner of classic and contemporary sources, many of which you'll find scattered around their workspace.

The juxtaposition is almost mind-boggling: busts of great classical composers like Handel and Strauss rub up against ET dolls and Daft Punk figurines, while vintage Chanel signage sits alongside Mickey Mouse coffee mugs and a lamp shaped like a gold AK-47. It's like a postmodernist's wet dream - the perfect environment to house their larger-than-life collection of clothing and accessories, most of which can be found arranged in large glass display cabinets as if they were ready for purchase each morning.

Elsewhere, the studio also plays home to Verbal's colossal record collection, which runs to the thousands and sits along one wall of the corridor that bisects the space. As a celebrated emcee and DJ in his own right, music plays a big part in Verbal's life - as evidenced by the fully soundproofed recording studio and DJ suite that lies behind one door! The perfect place to take a break from the stresses of designing a fresh collection.

With music so close to their heart, it's no wonder that the BeoPlay A9 fits right in to the entertainment area of Verbal and YOON's workspace. In pure white, with all three wooden legs removed, the disc-shaped speaker sits like a work of modernist art on their coffee table, hooked up wirelessly to the multimedia center. It might be the most monochrome item of furniture they own, but its groundbreaking design and world-class sonic performance mean it's every bit at home in these premium-furnished surroundings. And, whether it's German classical orchestras or Japanese hip-hop playing through it, the sound quality speaks for itself.


Origin: Tokyo, Japan Current Location: Tokyo, Japan

AMBUSH is the brand created by multi-talented married couple Young-Kee Yu, AKA Verbal, and YOON. The duo's signature mix of ancient culture and hip-hop chic has led to a series of attention-grabbing designs that quickly found favor with A-list music stars and underground fashion obsessives alike. While originally designed for the braver market of their native Japan, AMBUSH jewellery has since been discovered by fans of statement fashion across the world, and has developed a strong cult status.

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