The Balenciaga Triple S is the current flavor of the month. Since it released last week, the chunky, divisive silhouette has been making the rounds on Instagram, sought after by sneakerheads, fashionistas, and those looking to make a big statement.

Named for it's triple-stacked sole, the Triple S commands a hefty price tag of $720 (Zara's imitation is much cheaper), but quickly flew off shelves nonetheless, scooped up by the likes of Luka Sabbat and A$AP Ferg. Costing the equivalent of some people's monthly rent, and available at select boutiques, the shoe is hardly accessible, and while it's unique look is the latest to re-affirm the chunky sneaker trend, there's no doubt that the Balenciaga Triple S is not for everyone.

Below, we spoke to several sneakerheads who managed to get their hands on the Triple S.

First, congrats on copping, which colorway did you get?

Jake Binning: / @Jakebinning: The white/blue/red colorway.

Joel Mcloughlin / @Gallucks: Thank you! I copped the black and red colourway.

Ari Hadjipetrou / @Aripetrou: I managed to swipe two different colors via the VIP system at a retailer in London. I copped the grey/navy and the cream with the green/yellow accents.

Eunyong / @91yxng: I got the grey colorway this time.

Why was this a must-cop sneaker for you?

@Jakebinning: I first saw the Triple S about eight months ago during the Balenciaga FW17 runway show, and I instantly liked them. I really liked the fresh silhouette, the general aesthetic, as well as the colorways and the chunky sole.

@Gallucks: Ever since the Balenciaga show I've been obsessed with them, I've spoken about them in a lot of my YouTube videos, and since the release date kept getting pushed back, they've just built up more and more hype.

@Aripetrou: This was a must cop for me because well... I'm the UK's biggest hypebeast right? So I just had to! No but seriously, I had get these, as I knew they were just going to sell out instantly, and anything that sells out instantly I need to have for the hype, plus I love showing my followers how to style and wear hyped pieces that many can't get a hold of, thats just what I do!

@91yxng: This is the most trendy sneaker, and the hottest brand in the world right now.

As it’s a challenging shoe to style, did you have any concerns about being to wear them?

@Jakebinning: No, not really, I had a good idea of how I wanted to style them before I purchased them, also the way they were worn on the runway gave me some inspiration.

@Gallucks: Not at all, I've been a chunky sneaker fan from day one. I grew up wearing creepers and chunky boots. Platform sneakers like the Alexander McQueen ones have been a staple in my wardrobe for the past couple of years so I'm no stranger to a larger silhouette. I've been styling them with cropped, slim fit denim and cropped trousers.

@Aripetrou: It certainly is a challenging shoe to pull off, but I knew I had it in me to work out the best way to style and pull these crazy joints off.

@91yxng: Yes, as the shoe's design is so complex and complicated.

What is your favourite part about the shoe?

@Jakebinning: The chunky sole, it really stands out as it's actually three deconstructed soles.

@Gallucks: I love the attention to detail on the sole, all the different layers. I actually love how ugly they are haha.

@Aripetrou: I think my favourite part about the shoe has to be the distressing. They put the shoe in the washing machine with stones to add the aged distressed feeling to the leather and the materials, which gives the shoe such character. The way they managed to put three soles onto the shoe makes them so much different from anything we’ve seen in the high end fashion world.

@91yxng: This shoe's profile is my favorite, and I love the outsole too.

What do you think of the $720 price tag?

@Jakebinning: It's Balenciaga, you are paying for quality, and also the shoe has a lot of hype around it. I like the shoe a lot, so the price tag is justifiable for me.

@Gallucks: I expected it because of Balenciaga, and the hype around them, plus it's a difficult sneaker to manufacture. It's not the most expensive pair of sneakers I've ever bought so I wasn't too mad about it.

@Aripetrou: $720 is definitely a huge price tag, especially when I copped two! It is Balenciaga, and you have to accept the high price tag when you're buying into one of the most hyped high end brands right now. The craziest thing is these are reselling even though the price tag is so high, but I do accept that the concept and process to create the shoe isn't simple, it's made with the best materials out there.

@91yxng: It's so expensive!

Is the Triple S the new Ozweego?

@Jakebinning: I don't think so, the Ozweego has been around for a while and I feel like the Triple S is just a hyped up shoe that will be on the 'gram for a couple of months until a new hyped shoe comes around for the hypebeasts.

@Gallucks: I've never been a fan of Ozweego personally, I don't think it's the "new Ozweego," the Triple S is on its own level.

@Aripetrou: I feel this shoe is so hard to pull off that only the super fashionistas will be wearing these, and I don't feel they'll be as commercial as the Ozweego.

@91yxng: Absolutely!

Is the chunky trend here to stay? Or just a fad?

@Jakebinning: Here to stay. Acne Studios has the Sofiane PF & Manhattan model which are fire. Gucci has a clean chunky shoe coming out, as does YEEZY brand with the 700 Wave Runner.

@Gallucks: I definitely think it's here to stay. We're already seeing ugly chunky sneakers on the high street, so it's just filtering down like it always does.

@Aripetrou: The chunky sneaker trend has recently just boomed with brands like YEEZY & Gucci showing us previews of their upcoming silhouettes. After these releases, we will then see if the trend has longevity, but just like everything in the fashion world, trends come and go every season. I'll definitely be copping both the YEEZY & the Gucci sneakers as I'm such a huge fan of both brands!

@91yxng: I think it will stay for a while, but this shoe is more than just a trend. Balenciaga is always more special than other brands.

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