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Just days after Banksy‘s artwork was stolen in Paris, one of the elusive street artist’s famous works Di-faced Tenner, which is a counterfeit version of the £10 banknote, has been added to the collection of the British Museum for the first time, reports The Guardian.

In 2004, Banksy printed thousands of the fake £10 note, which is defined by the face of Queen Elizabeth II, but replaced with the late Princess Diana instead. Banksy then dropped the money on crowds at select locations in the United Kingdom as part of a planned art stunt.

The artist’s management company and authentication branch Pest Control, has donated one of the bills to the museum, and its official title Di-faced Tenner, is a play on the word “defaced.” The currency reads, issued by the “Banksy of England,” with the motto: “I promise to pay the bearer on demand the ultimate price.” On the back side, the note features the words “trust no one” along with a portrait of renowned English naturalist/geologist Charles Darwin.

In addition, while this donation marks as the first official piece by the notorious British street artist to be added in the British Museum, Artnet points out that Banksy previously showcased one of his other works there secretly in 2005, by installing a fake cave painting, Peckham Rock.

The British Museum has not announced any immediate plans to exhibit Di-Faced Tenner at this time, but for the full story, head on over to The Guardian.

Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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