A new Banksy mural that popped up in his hometown of Bristol has been vandalized with the words “BCC wankers,” within 48 hours of it going up.

Passers-by began noticing the artwork on the morning of February 13. As many suspected it was Banksy's handy work, the renowned street artist then took to Instagram and his website to confirm the piece is in fact his.

The offending graffiti was discovered today scrawled across the depiction of a young girl shooting roses into the air with a slingshot. The petals, which trickle down the side of a Victorian house remain unharmed.

Local news agency ITV News West Country reports that vandals began to target Banksy's new piece almost as soon as it went up, but the family who manages the property it decorates said they were doing everything they could to preserve the artwork for all to enjoy.

Get a closer look at the intact work below.

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