This week in the world of fashion, Harry Styles made a case for fishnet tights, we took FRONTPAGE to brunch with Virgil Abloh and Nigo’s LV² collection, and Raf Simons unveiled his latest collaboration with Fred Perry.

These are unprecedented times, with most celebrities having the sense to quarantine themselves indoors following the rise in Covid-19 cases. Still, those who ventured out to get some air did so in style. See our list below.

Timothée Chalamet

Bumped into your man Tim down the boozer last week. Said he’s a huge Chelsea fan. Even unzipped that Prada jacket to reveal a Gianfranco Zola portrait tattoo on his sternum. No joke.

Chloë Sevigny and Sinisa Mackovic

Is that Ezra Koenig cosplaying as a Berghain-goer? Nah, it's just Chloë Sevigny's ridiculously stylish boyfriend, Sinisa Mackovic.


Kanye West invented the “Erewhon drip,” Halsey perfected it.

Marc Jacobs

You’ve been cast into an alternative reality where all street dealers dress like Marc Jacobs. In this strange place, angel dust is the drug of choice. Makes sense.

Kerwin Frost

Kerwin Frost, he's nothing but a Rick Owens-loving, foul-mouthed anthropomorphized teddy bear.

Hector Bellerin

Roger Federer called, he wants his Pringle cardigan back. Sorry, Hecky.

A$AP Nast

A$AP Nast isn't having any of this coronavirus talk. He's fucked off to the woods, where he spends his days smoking ciggies and taking fit pics. Fair play.

Blondey McCoy

I guess the supermarkets finally ran out of tinned beans. Lovely sweater, though.

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