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Although skate culture has always been anti-establishment, there’s no denying that skatewear has long since infiltrated mainstream fashion. Love it or hate it, thanks to unlikely yet dope collaborations such as Palace‘s collection with Ralph Lauren, the skatewear scene is as exciting as ever.

Skate pieces are not only effortlessly fly, but they’ll last you a good while too, as they’re created with robust and hardwearing materials. Best of all, they’re all pretty affordable, letting you update your wardrobe for the low. If you’re in need of some shopping inspiration, we’ve selected some of our favorite new skatewear pieces available online from brands such as Bronze 56k, Stray Rats, Palace, and more.

Highlights include hoodies by Call Me 917 and Fucking Awesome, as well as steezy accessories such as Palace‘s weed-infused socks, Bronze 56k‘s denim hat, and a bring-everywhere shoulder bag by RAVE.

View more of our favorite skatewear pieces below.


Boogie Pocket T-Shirt

Call Me 917


Avoidism T-shirt

Fucking Awesome


Brnz Long Sleeve Tee



FA Sucks Hoodie

Fucking Awesome


Area Code Hooded Sweatshirt

Call Me 917


Reaper Hoodie



HTTP T-Shirt

Stray Rats


Classic Embroidered Hoodie



Handwritten Logotype Hooded Sweatshirt

Bianca Chandôn



Good Time Socks

The Good Company