As PUMA continues its run as one of the world’s leading sports footwear, apparel and accessories brands, the sportswear giant taps its ambassador Big Sean for his debut collection. For over 65 years, the brand has created a history of making fast product designs for the fastest athletes on the planet, and now they are looking to innovate their sport’s heritage with a fusion of the rappers unique Detroit style.

Sean may be known for his catchy punchline raps, countless hit singles, and classic albums but his talents go far beyond music and performance. His personal sense of style and fearless fashion choices have helped pushed streetwear forward transcending him from a rapper to trendsetter. Now that he’s finally famous and reached ICON status, he’s looking to put his stamp on the fashion industry.

As PUMA’s creative collaborator and ambassador, Sean Don’s debut collection is a mix of luxury meets classic. It’s classic PUMA reinvented and elevated with a Detroit ‘player style.’

Set to release later in March, he puts his another spin on classic PUMA footwear for the 50th Anniversary of suede. Drop one features another colorway of the Suede in Ash and a crisp rendition of the Clyde, sans the Formstripe, in Natural Vachetta. Their made entirely of premium signature suede material with the addition of a sock-like construction upper. Complemented by a striped heel tab in green, white and blue, the sneaker includes Big Sean branding on the tongue and side panel.

Sean also breathes new life into classic apparel pieces like the T7 Track Jacket, hoodies, and tees. Inspired by functional fits he’d normally wear while touring, the Detroit rapper uses a blend of tonal fabric clashing like soft satin and nylon or velours and premium double knit materials.

If you know Sean, you’ll know he always put on for his city. Throughout the collection, Sean Don adds a touch of home on every piece with Detroit inspired embroidery.

The PUMA x Big Sean Suede 50 Anniversary Pack drops in select sneaker retailers like DTLR, Footaction and on March 22. Drop one of the collection will make its way into the same select retailers on March 31.

As Big Sean gears up for the major release, we caught up with the rapper to dive deeper into his design inspirations for the collection, the reason he choose to work with PUMA, and why he’s opening up a movie theater in Detroit.

Why is PUMA the right fit for you?

I think anybody whose brand is trying to take real chances and do something new and be creative and be on the forefront of developing new ideas, I’m about. And, what does Puma represent to me? I think, different energy and that’s why I’m aligned with the brand.

You’re pretty tuned into the fashion world, have you gotten any advice or inspiration from other designers? Pharrell? Kanye?

It’s been a great learning process. I’ve learned a lot about this process from concept to design, to working with the factories and how important communication is throughout. You got to dot your i’s and cross your t’s.

It’s something I should have known because, in every situation, communication is key. I have been sharing some of my early samples with designers I don’t want to name any, but some of them are my friends, some of them are my role models, some of them are my mentors. Just sharing with them early ideas, and asking what they think or what would you do? Or, would you change anything about this?

And taking their advice with a grain of salt. That definitely helped the process as well, I think people will start seeing what I’m excited about and its progression. That’s what I’m most excited about. For the audience and the consumers and everyone to just keep growing with us, because this is definitely a journey we’ve been on and learned a lot.

The sneaker features the signature blue, white, and green heel lop. Is there a significance behind the colors chosen?

We chose the color schemes based off of colors that I think would be great to wear during that time of the year. We put them on ourselves and went through a million different color pallets. We came up with the best of what we thought would be cool, that other people aren’t doing.

Again, we considered what season things would drop, what the weather would be like outside and what me and my team like to wear during those times. Then trying to take it further by mixing materials. Just using our imagination, “What would be our perfect hoodie? What would be our perfect coat? What would be the perfect thing to wear for this type of weather that fits this collection?” We really analyzed it and had fun with it. As time goes on it’ll just keep progressing. It was our first time doing this, so I’m just enjoying the process and excited for it to just keep going and going. I can’t wait for people to just have the product too – I feel like this collection is much needed.

How is the design process different from making music? How is it the same?

Just like, music, movies, fashion, they just kinda all intertwine with one another. There’s definitely a different process dealing with fashion, but you can apply some of the lessons from music to fashion and vice versa.

You know, one lesson being like, communication is key in everything you do, like I said. The same way that you would go through your music and try to make it the best you can make it, you have to apply that to fashion. You have to see how you can make things better and better; how you can make it the best quality, the best presentation, because, ultimately, to entertain is to be in service industry. We’re here to serve our fans.

You recently stated that you want to put a luxury movie theater in Detroit, can you elaborate on what inspired you to take action?

I’m glad you brought that up, I just announced my partnership with Emagine. The focus is to bring a Theater to Detroit because there are no movie theaters in Detroit that play new movies. They’re all in the suburbs of Detroit. I love movies & I want to share that with the city. We also plan for it to act like a hub for the community and we plan on expanding it. Like one of the theaters can transfer into a venue where people can have speeches, seminars, focus groups, intimate concerts, you know- even just fun events. It will help bring the community together in a safe way, on top of enjoying the new movies, entertainment and I think that is one of the key things that is missing on the entertainment front of Detroit.

What can fans expect next from Big Sean?

They can definitely expect me to as much as I humanly can. I’m working on music that I’m super excited about and I’m going to take my time getting right. Obviously, we’re gonna drop the first official Puma collection, which is the 50th anniversary Suedes, with my play on the Suedes. Eventually I’m dropping my shoe that I’m excited about, my own original design.

The movie theater is gonna take a couple of years to be up and running, but we’ll be breaking ground on that. And, we’re working on something big for the city [Detroit] this summer. That’s it, man. We have a lot on our plates, right now.

Be on the look out for Big Sean’s debut PUMA collection due out on March 31 at select retailers including DTLR, Footaction and

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Words by Kyle Hodge
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