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Getty Images / Dimitrios Kambouris

Cardi B took to Instagram to share her plans for the remainder of the year, which include a new album, a tour, and a second child.

On Instagram Live, Cardi revealed to fans that she already has three songs banked to follow up her Invasion of Privacy album, but she’s “not sure about one of them.” Watch a snippet of her candid conversation below.

She shared, “My plan is to take a couple of months working on my album… And right after I finish my album, I’m going to rehearse for a tour. I’m already working on a tour deal. Point is that everything is going good.”

When the tour is wrapped she shared that she wants to have a sibling for her and Offset’s daughter, Kulture. “I want to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse for my tour, get ready for my fucking tour,” she said. “After my tour, I want to have a kid. I want to have another kid.”

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