Chance the Rapper, who recently gave a very brutal critique of Will Smith's latest film Bright, is now giving his two cents on streetwear.

On a recent Instagram Live stream, the 24-year-old rapper flexed some of the gear he packed in his suitcase including Thom Browne and Gucci. One piece, however, was a Supreme x Champion jacket, which prompted him to make a fairly controversial statement: "Everybody knows I brought Supreme back. I don't talk about it all day because I'm not that type of dude, but...I did bring Champion back. So, all of these lame n****s rockin' Champion, y'all should thank me for making you unlame."

Of course, many people busted out their Twitter fingers with rage over his self-proclaimed trendsetter title and are giving Chance the business one tweet at a time. Many have even stated the fellow rapper Tyler, The Creator should get the credit for making Supreme pop.

Do you agree? Check it out below.

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