If you're yet to find the ultimate tropical shirt to keep that summer-ready vibe strong all year long, Highsnobiety has your back. For our latest drop, we've teamed up with Los Angeles-based streetwear label Chinatown Market, bringing you a range of colorful shirts and accessories designed by the brand.

The Highsnobiety shop will be soon flooded with Chinatown Market's vibrant colors, floral patterns, and bold branding, featured within a capsule that comprises four short-sleeve button-up shirts, two bucket hats, and two pairs of sunglasses.

Naturally, Chinatown Market's smiley icon, now synonymous with the brand, is prominent throughout. A symbol of counterculture with a fascinating and diverse history, for Chinatown Market's founder Mike Cherman, the smiley face represents positivity and unity.

“The use of the smiley face has brought a beacon of happiness in times that are dark in the world,” Cherman told Highsnobiety. “A smiley face has been somewhat of a symbol for people to wear while the world is in chaos, where everything is in disarray.”

That beacon of joy is reflected in the colorful prints that adorn the shirts, too. Tropical shirts have been big for some time now, mostly because they're light, breezy, statement pieces that level up an otherwise muted ’fit. And, most importantly, it's impossible to look sad while wearing one. Need convincing? Check out Donald Glover's collection.

All pieces in the Chinatown Market drop were created in Hawaii and will be available to cop on the Highsnobiety store on August 28.

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