This weekend, Matt Reeves delivered the first official trailer for The Batman, and the internet has been reeling over Colin Farrell's extreme "glo down" for his role as the Penguin.

While the dark and brooding visuals came as little surprise, Farrell's prosthetics were totally unexpected. With a few exceptions, Farrell's parts have traditionally capitalized on his good looks. But in his latest role, fans have compared him to "a character actor from the NY theater scene who breaks out with a best-supporting actor nom for a stand-out role in a Coen Bros movie at age 53."

You'd be forgiven for missing the Irish actor at the 1:18 point of the trailer. Watch him standing indignantly in the rain and being being chased by the Batmobile yelling "This guy's crazy!."

Many fans were expecting a more charismatic Penguin this time around. But it looks like we'll be getting a slightly melted Richard Kind, thanks to some masterful prosthetics.

Scroll down to see the best fan reactions below.

It's a whole mood

Big Richard Kind energy

This is wrong he's taking roles away from real old white men! — Mark (@Mark45723379) August 23, 2020

This makeup team deserves an Oscar

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