Condom joins the ranks of toilet paper and hand sanitizer as one of the coronavirus crisis's hottest commodities.

Sex product retailer Promescent's CEO Jeff Abraham said that the company has seen a 54 percent increase in condom sales from March. "We’ve seen a 54 percent increase in our online sales since the beginning of the pandemic," Abraham said in a Business Wire article he retweeted.

He added, "We want to do our part to ensure people are continuing to practice safe sex and have adequate access to birth control in a time of social distancing and self-isolation."

Promescent has also promised 250,000 free condoms to customers through their website. The offer is limited to one person and to patrons in the US.

Meanwhile, in India, from the usual three packs, buyers are now stocking up 10 to 12 boxes. The hoarding has resulted in a 25% to 50% sales surge, reported Hindustan Times.

In related news, Pornhub has offered its Premium service for free worldwide until April 23.

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