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As we leave the holiday gifting rush behind, we return with the product highlights from Highsnobiety’s shopping channel, carefully put together by this week’s guest curator, Anders Schans. Regarded as a well of surprising and sometimes off-kilter product knowledge, Anders’ curation is unapologetically personal, offering you a glimpse into what could well be his own wardrobe. From his beloved Kapital to goods from the diverse likes of Jil Sander, Brain Dead, and Human Made, we’ll let Anders talk you through his selection.

“A new decade has begun, and I’m stoked to be back at the helm of 15 drops for the first edition of the 2020s! The end of December might not be notorious for many big drops, but I did nevertheless find a bunch of gems that deserves some recognition. Similar to my previous list, this one also consists of a bunch of Japanese brands, but we’ll also visit America, Europe, and Australia – I hope you’ll find some inspiration in the selection!”

Without further ado, find out where you can buy the Converse x Wacko Maria sneaker and much more below.

LQQK Studio Fleece Jacket

Kokopelli Fleece Jacket




Buy at goodhood


“Let’s start off with a no-brainer. A good fleece jacket is a must in the cold months whether you’re using it as a layer of an outerwear piece, and what better way of marking the new decade, than with an investment that can be put to use for numerous years to come. Coming straight from NY-based LQQK Studio – a melting pot for creatives of both the printing and music industry – the Kokopelli is simply a key piece.”

Jil Sander Jacket

Drawstring Jacket

Jil Sander



Buy at END.


“Very few brands have managed to remain as relevant as Jil Sander. Having been around for over 50 years, the fashion house run by the founder of the same name still manages to bring something new to the table every season. The silhouette is nothing new, but the execution of this drawstring jacket is flawless. The price tag might seem hefty at first, but add the fact that it’s made of 100% recycled nylon and made in Italy, you can rest assured that you get value for money. You might even be able to fit a fleece under.”

Junya Watanabe x Carhartt Coat

Customized Chore Coat Brown

Junya Watanabe eYe x Carhartt



Buy at haven


“Junya Watanabe is bombs. Period. His 35-year long span at CDG under the wings of Rei Kawakubo has resulted in a boundless amount of fire drops. Recent years have seen him teaming up with the workwear legends at Carhartt for outerwear-focused collections. There’s some irony to a Carhartt jacket at this price-point, but that’s also what makes it so damn good. Wanna start the decade with a power purchase? Here you go.”

Public Possession Hoodie

PP Soft Education Hoodie

Public Possession

Buy at Sporadic

“If the art of making a grey hoodie was an Olympic discipline Public Possession would win.
Yet another melting pot for creatives, Public Possession has been one of my go-to’s for graphic hoodies and t-shirt for a minute now. How the Munich-based retail-store, aka. record label, aka. soundsystem, aka. artwork publisher, manages to juggle that amount of projects without losing steam is pretty wild. Good fit, good graphics, and good color-blocking, it’s all there.”

Kapital Denim Jacket

Appliquéd Denim Jacket




Buy at Mr. Porter


“Admittedly, I have a soft spot for Japanese brands focusing on quality craftsmanship, and Kapital is one of them. Year after year the subsidiary ‘Kountry’ line has been a guarantor of such craftsmanship through its focus on the fabric, the wash, and the dye. This beige appliquéd denim jacket has gotten the full bone treatment as an ode to Mexican traditions. Other Japanese brands such as Undercover, WTAPS, and Mastermind frequently show their affinity for the crossbones graphics, so this is a refreshing alternative take on the human framework obsession.”

Gowest Knit

Grateful Day Crew Knit

Grateful Dead

Buy at JUZU Store

“Have a Grateful Day” – What better words to bring into a new decade than those. In my previous 15 Drops, I included the grey hoodie from the very same Gowest ‘Souvenir Series’ collection, but good vibes can newer be too inflated. For a lot of people, January is a month dedicated to staying indoor, and what better than sporting a grey knit sweater while binge-watching Rick & Morty season 4 (which slaps).”

Sacai T-Shirt

Printed Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt




Buy at Mr. Porter


“What a 2019 Sacai had! Its Nike collab slam-dunked the Japanese brand into discussions over sneaker of the year. On the high-end fashion scene, however, Chitose Abe (another protegé of the CDG family), has always had a loyal fan base. Especially known for more ‘noisy’ design, SS20 sees the luxury brand taking things down a notch, paying homage to ’90s cult-classic The Big Lebowski. $255 for a white tee is steep, but quality is definitely guaranteed. And if you don’t like it then yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.”

Sasquatchfabrix Pants

Paint Docan Pants




Buy at haven


“If you haven’t yet owned any Sasquatchfabrix, you should seriously consider starting the new decade with a piece.
The brainchild of Daisuke Yokoyama and is, you guessed it, another Japanese brand, has been dropping beauty after beauty the last few years, often referencing traditional Japanese garms. Highlighting stitching and paint-splatter are nothing new, but it’s rarely done as well as on these. Good product!”

Engineered Garments Pants

Fatigue Pant

Engineered Garments

Buy at Nepenthes

“Feeling like paint-splatter pants make too much noise? Worry not, an alternative is here. Engineered Garments Workadays collection sees the craftmanship of the mainline being applied to basics such as these trousers. They’re minimalistic and will fit with most wardrobes. They’re not daring, but quality basics in good colorways are never boring either.”

Converse x Wacko Maria Sneakers

Allstar Python

Converse x Wacko Maria

Buy at Cover Chord

“2019 was a year of many great things and snakeskin was definitely in my top 10! Nike’s subtle snakeskin Swoosh on the Blazer was continued by the not-so-subtle, but personal top 3 sneaker of 2019 – the full snakeskin Blazer collab with Copenhagen-based brand Soulland. Now, Converse and Wacko Maria have joined the movement. After closing 2019 by dropping a leopard-print Chuck 70’s, the three have once again come together for a Japan-exclusive Allstar smothered in ‘Python’. I for one hope that the faux-snakeskin trend is only just getting started.”

Clarks Wallabee Shoe


Clarks Originals

from $129
Where to shop

“Yes yes, I know. How can I jump from snakeskin frenzy to an all-black Clarks Wallabee? And wasn’t the Wallabee released in 1967, and not this week? Well, I can, and it did, in fact, get re-released this week. If you have never owned a pair of Wallabees, 2020 should be the year you give them a shot. They’re incredibly comfortable, very fitting for the season, and is a nice alternative to all the bulky futuristic runners out there.”

Brain Dead x NTS Bucket Hat

Alternate Logo Head Bucket Hat

Brain Dead x NTS



Buy at Slam Jam


“Now, my head is too big for bucket hats – But if you’re one of those people gifted with a bucket-hat-friendly head, you should seriously consider getting this. LA-based masters of graphics, Brain Dead has once again teamed up with London’s very own online radio station NTS for yet another collection. I’m always excited about these drops, and once more they live up to the expectations. Whether you’re into skateboarding, have a broad taste in music, or even both, you gotta have this.”

Aqua Variety Nike Pinwheel Ring

"Pinwheel" Ring

AQUA Variety Store

Buy at AQUA Variety Store

“AQUA Variety Store is seriously overlooked. Over the last few years, it’s dropped a ton of customized bangers, oftentimes paying homage to either basketball or Nike. Both their ceramics and jewelry are slapping, but the ‘Pinwheel’ ring is one of the hardest. If that full Nike tracksuit and Air Maxes are not enough to fulfill your Swoosh-cravings, you better invest in this ice.”

Human Made Paperweight

Heart Paper Weight

Human Made

Buy at sevenstore

“Starting 2020 off by buying something that incentivizes paper-usage might not be the most forward-thinking thing to do, but surely you must have a stack of old documents that need to be held steady. For this Human Made Heart paperweight, I’m sure you can find a use. This is a nice little extra thing to add to your homeware rotation — a subtle flex for when you’re opening your home to guests.”

Brain Dead Rug

Logo Head Rug

Brain Dead

Buy at Brain Dead

“One of the things that I love the most about Brain Dead is their rug-game. Right now one of my major concerns is how I can fit a 200cm x 155cm cow-print rug in my apartment. It might not be as subtle a piece as the Human Made paperweight, but it’ll definitely add something fun to your flat.”

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