Craig Green's latest campaign sees the designer return once more to the power of impermanence. In past project this motif that has inspired him to burn down windmills and submerge collections into treacherous waters.

For SS19 he has linked up with long-time collaborators Dan Tobin Smith and David Curtis-Ring. This time they have documented the “destruction of a painstakingly realized triptych.” The sculptures are made with wood, straw, and paint, creating effigy-like objects illustrate a mythic masculinity.

The sculptures are based on a series of classically-inspired textile prints in the Spring/Summer 2019 collection. The ambiguously mythic images are rendered in life-size three-dimensional form.

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The vignette of man and beast sees two discrete characters in battle. Green destroys the distinctions between them, “these two opponents are combined, forming embryonic new combinations.”

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