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There was something in the air at the Dior Men's show last night.

The crowd was buzzing to attend what could possibly be the last big event before the UK government enforces restrictions as the Omicron variant continues to spread, and everyone was dressed for the occasion.

Showing in his hometown, London, Kim Jones made the Fall/Winter 2022 collection feel more personal than ever. The designer put his own impressive collection of Jack Kerouac memorabilia, vintage books, and other items he's collected over the years, and the collection itself was inspired by Kerouac's novel On The Road.

As the crowd sat down and the show began, an XXL script was rolled out across the runway, and the models began walking.

Sparkly beanies, intricate knitwear, and vintage-inspired logo jerseys worn with glitter collared shirts reigned supreme. Kim Jones ditched his usual suiting silhouettes for something more casual – unbuttoned blazers with a shirt and tie, paired with denim and dress shoes.

Chunky V-neck sweaters were paired with shorts, and the signature Dior Saddle Bag saw a handful of new makeovers. The large bag is guaranteed to become an instant favorite, especially in the brown Oblique print that could be spotted throughout the full range.

Lastly, the socks told a story of their own. The patterned socks may have been complimenting the outfits, but they made an impression, paired with both new colorways of Dior's sporty B30 sneaker as well as Kim Jones' take on the hiking boot.

Throughout the range, nods to Jack Kerouac could be spotted, some more obvious than others. A white dress shirt featured the author's portrait printed in black and white, a leather jacket painted with the graphic from the 1973 edition of Visions of Cody, which was also featured on the show's invitation. Patches with "On The Road Again" pulled the collection together, keeping the red thread visible throughout the entire show.

Whether you're a Kerouac fan or not,  Jones' unique eye for curation and his work with archives is incomparable. All I'm wondering is how long did it take to collect all those books?!

Post-show, the stage opened up and revealed a party – neon lights and a DJ booth, two bars, and plenty of excited showgoers. It might have been the last night of freedom, so the whole night was oozing of Studio 54, as disco music played.

Then, Grace Jones came out and performed, and the crowd went wild.

The Fall/Winter 2022 collection was a night to remember, both because of a lovely collection, but mainly because of the experience. Turning a fashion show into a party is something that should be done more often – especially when there's Möet being served all night.

Hats off to Kim Jones, who managed to make a version of the sequin beanie I owned when I was seven into something sexy, and who finished the year with a bang.

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