Jackie Nickerson

Dior Men’s is gearing up to launch a full collection of clothing and accessories with Jordan Brand.

The clothing will mesh Dior’s expert tailoring with a distinct eighties-inspired American sportswear feel. The core line-up includes a gray suit with Air Dior logo buttons; silk shorts decorated with a graphic motif featuring the “CD” initials; a new version of the Jordan Wings MA-1 bomber jacket that reprises the emblem on its back and displays the Jumpman logo on its sleeve; and a gray, handmade in Italy, suede hoodie.

There will also be smaller pieces such as socks, silk squares, a sweatband, chain pendants, a tie, a bucket hat, and various leather accouterments. Sneakerheads, meanwhile, will delight at the news that a low version of Dior x Air Jordan 1 will be introduced.


But don’t go getting too excited just yet. As per WWD, the range will be produced in limited qualities and only available at less than a dozen locations worldwide. In other words, getting your hands on it might prove a difficult task. Martin Lotti, vice president of design at Jordan Brand, confirmed to WWD that the internet-breaking Dior x Air Jordan 1 will only be produced in the “thousands.”

The project marks the first time Jordan has officially teamed up with a luxury fashion brand, although it has released shoes with big names such as COMME des GARÇONS in the past. Furthermore, the Nike sub-label will remix its iconic Wings logo for the first time as it bids to position itself in the “streetwear luxury” sector. According to Lotti — and this is interesting — we can expect to see more collaborations of a similar ilk in the future.

“The clothes are based on Michael Jordan’s off-court style. He wore suits all the time – I love that,” Kim Jones, creative director at Dior Men’s, told WWD. “I like the fact that we’re doing something that’s extremely unexpected in terms of clothing.”

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